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Benedict Rousselot is a french gilder of the highest quality and began her apprenticeship in l989 when she received a diploma from the Louvre in Paris.  She trained as a gilder in Florence, Italy at the Spinelli Palace, as well as in Paris at the studios of Batot and Jean Alot and finally at the studio of Gohard. She opened her own studio in La Rochelle in 1995 and has since worked with artists and antique collectors, for museums and on historical monuments both for interior designers as well as antique collectors and retailers. She has worked on every type of gilding from priceless antique gilded wood to contemporary works. She speaks English and has the ability to work either from her studio or on site. As well as working in her home country of France she has already worked in many countries throughout the world.


– contenporary gilding – goldleafing and restoration of historical work of art – patina of age – polychromy


when possible, the works to be repaired are disassembled and transported to the workshop where they are restored . Otherwise, the versatile craftmen do the job on the site:in France or abroad    


– on woods : frames, seats, mirors, wall consoles, woodworks … – on metal : statues, roofs ridge crest and ornaments, railings, gates … – resin ornaments – staff and plasters : ceillings, wainscoting, cornices ….    


– water goldleafing – oil goldleafing – patina of age – polychromy